Inspiration Revised by Allegra Goodman

My friend, Susan Nees, recently shared an article she thought I'd enjoy. She'd clipped it out from the Wall Street Journal to give to me. It's called "Inspiration Revised" by author Allegra Goodman.
     Boy was Susan right. What a powerful little bit of advice. Here are some quotes:
     When I was a 14-year-old aspiring writer, I wished more than anything for a book explaining the alchemy that transformed words to gold. How did poets cast such a spell? How did novelists spin their silk?

And perhaps best of all...

     Starting with inspiration and some talent, you could work to be a writer. You could keep revising, and improve.
     Truly, if you are an aspiring writer, the entire article is worth reading - totally worth your time. It's why when Susan gave me the printed version, I had to go find it online to share it with you. So, go read the article. It will give you hope!

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