Today I give thanks for... Carl Sagan

In high school I took an amazing class called "Cosmos and Connections." We basically watched the series by Carl Sagan, "Cosmos," and James Burke's series, "Connections." Wow. Would that even be possible in today's educational environment? Anyhow, I took the class after years of watching Carl Sagan's tv show - so I was already quite familiar. And then there's my favorite all time movie, "Contact," based on his novel. Needless to say, I'm a huge Carl Sagan fan and have been most of my life.
     The way he described space, time, and our ideas of reality amazed me - but even more, I loved his curiosity, enthusiasm, and pure wonder. It was contagious and made me proud to be human.
     So I was thrilled to recently learn about some of his ideas being set to music. Enjoy.

p.s. - You can watch the Cosmos series on Hulu.


Joanna said...

Wow!! That is really fabulous.
Thanks so much for showing it.

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

I love it too. I knew readers of my blog were fellow geeks! Yay! :) e

Joan V said...

Oh, Elizabeth, thanks for bringing this symphony to my attention. I love this and started to watch a few of the others. Carl Sagan was so brilliant. I don't surf on U Tube very often, so thank you. I was just telling my husband that I love "Contact" and can watch it over and over again.