15 November 2010

Sweetest reading of SOAP, SOAP, SOAP evah!!!

OMG! I recently had the pleasure of meeting author Chantal Acevedo, author of LOVE AND GHOST LETTERS, when she invited me to speak at the first ever "Child on the Page" writers conference at Auburn University. (You can read my wrap-up here.)
     Well, not only is she an amazingly talented lady, her daughter is showing incredible promise as well...
     I dare you not to break out in a great big smile - I dare you!


Vicky Alvear Shecter said...

SO adorable!

Susan Spain said...

Too, too cute! She is a future children's librarian, perhaps? Such expression and love of the book, the way she turns the pages ever-so-carefully.
At first I thought she was reading it back-to-front, but then I saw the page where the words are backwards, and realized this is a mirror-image video.
E, we may need to hire her to read TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS IN GEORGIA for us!!

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Indeed, eh!? :)


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