Coloring Page Tuesdays - Winter Fairy

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     I'm wishing for snow. Winter in Georgia is grey. We get lots of rain and overcast skies. I wonder if there are little winter fairies somewhere working on a nice dusting of snow for us? They'd be so cute, wouldn't they?
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Ardilla said…
Thank you!
Your drawing is very cute...
I am already tired of snow here :( Since the end of November we are having snow and snow and the last week we had -26 for three or four days... Today is only -12 and it feels as spring... I am really looking forward spring and flowers and not more snow :)
I'll send you some from here, what do you think?
Well, it might arrive a bit watery - but the thought is nice. :) e
Tina said…
Es ist wunderschön.Vielen Dank
Marimer said…
Es preciosa esta imagen, Isabel, en cuanto tenga un poco de tiempo hare una tarjeeta con ella, se me acumula el trabajo, aun no te he enseñado un calendario que hice con una de tus imagenes.
Anonymous said…
Your drawing is so cute! Thank you for sharing her. We have snow here, finally...and last week it was -40 and colder with wind chill factored in for five days in a row! This week is warmer, above freezing, even, so a lot of the snow will melt away. I guess we just have to accept whatever weather we get, don't we? But we can be grateful for Tuesdays because you provide us with another beautiful image. Thank you!
Borqna said…
She is wonderful! Thank you!
Thank you, she so sweet!! We have blue skies and sun today, but have probably 2 or 3 inches of snow on the ground and a cold 24 degrees and the wind is blowing.
Deebi27 said…
She's beautiful!
Suzanne said…
Thanks for sharing!!
Suzanne said…
Thanks for sharing!!

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