Book Signings at Hall's and Avid

Saturday I had the great pleasure of being the guest at TWO fabulous bookstores. For both, I dressed up like Lula in LULA'S BREW - striped stockings and all! (And can I tell you how fun it is to wear a cape? No wonder kids love to do it.)
     I started the day as part of the author read-a-thon at Myra Mead's Hall Book Exchange in Gainesville, Georgia:

     Myra has been a great supporter of me and my books, so I relish the chance to give her love back. Especially considering her's is the only bookstore in that area. She is a true cheerleader of literacy and a love of reading!
     Next, hubbie and I drove to our alma-mater, the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia, to visit Janet Geddis and her one-year-old adorable Avid Bookshop. This sweet little shop truly does harken back to "You've Got Mail" and all the wonderfulness that a bookshop can be. I mean, how can you lose with an entrance like this:

There are even antique ironing boards with fresh cut flowers in vases and stools for relaxing outside:

Inside, I had a dedicated young crowd of loyal bookstore fans turn out for my reading of LULA'S BREW.

     Today I'm off to Little Shop of Stories. More soon...

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