Coloring Page Tuesday - VOTE!!! (and how the Electoral College works)

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     It's Election Day! Whichever way you vote, please be sure to do it! And talk to the kids about our hard-won right to do so!
     This year, I've made a point of trying to understand how the Electoral College works. This is a great tutorial: THE PURPOSE OF THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE.
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Ardilla said...

Hi, Elizabeth!
Thanks for sharing your drawings :)
Is it possible to use today's image taking out the VOTE word? Can I use it with other purpose?

Elizabeth O Dulemba said...

Hi Ardilla, People do adapt my images for their own purposes sometimes. Just please be sure to follow my copyright guidelines at when using my artwork. Thanks and enjoy! :) e

Ardilla said...

Yes, Elizabeth, when I said other purpose I ment like happy birthday or thank you in the banners... for cardmaking... I am not planning to sell it, hahaha...