Gluten Free, Dairy Free Bread

I used to make homemade bread all the time. I started with a bread machine and finally broke it from overuse. So then I moved onto kneading by hand. Then to a big fancy mixer with a kneading hook. I got pretty good at it.
     THEN we moved to the big city. And bread - amazing, wonderful, melt in your mouth bread - was everywhere. It was silly for me to make my own when I had such wonderful bread available to me.
     THEN I had to change my diet. Gluten and dairy free. No bread. Not for a very long time. Yes, there is tapioca loaf and brown rice loaf and stuff like that, but they are poor substitutes.
     So as I've gotten more used to this new diet, I finally decided to take on making my own bread again. The ingredients are a little different, some are a little strange - can you say Xanthum Gum? But I recently made my first loaf...
      The verdict? WAY better than any of the bread I've been able to purchase commercially. It's got great flavor and is a little spongy with a good crust, like bread should be.
     But I think I'd like to make a few tweaks. It was a bit wet and very dense. I'll post my recipe once I nail it. Meanwhile, pass the apple butter, will you?

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