This holiday - give BOOKS!

From Chronicle Books:
     If it’s the thought that counts, then books truly are the perfect gift. Books are personal; they show that you really know the person receiving them. Books make you think. Books can transport you to another world. Books can comfort, and they can lift your spirits. Books will make you smarter.
     This holiday season, we’re launching a community-driven campaign to encourage people to Give Books. Driven by a shared love of books, reading, and a desire to support independent bookstores and local shops, our hope is that you all will join us in giving books this year!
     We’re partnering with some of our favorite authors, artists, and blogs to help spread the book love this season. Read on for a full list of participants, giveaways, and more!
I SO agree! CLICK HERE to learn more!

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Julie Hedlund said...

Great idea - count me in!