School Visits in Savannah

Last Friday I had the pleasure of visiting three - count 'em - THREE elementary schools in one day in Savannah, Georgia - all second-graders.
     John T. of the Live Oak Library kindly invited me down a day early as a drum-up to my engagement at the Savannah Children's Book Festival. I don't have a picture of my gracious hostess, but Jessica G. drove me from school to school and also treated me to an awesome lunch at Sweet Potatoes (highly recommend). Thank you Jessica! But first, we stopped by East Broad Street Elementary School:

     Media Specialist Bridgett C. had me SET UP with awesome signs advertising my visit and a gluten/dairy free gift bag of goodies as a thank you. How sweet is THAT???
     My second visit was to the awesome J.G. Smith Elementary School. We got along famously well. I wish I'd know before-hand so I could have filmed it.

     My hosts were Media Specialist, Darlie Logan (on the right), and her assistant Victoria (hope I got that right) who had decorated the library with wonderful artwork.
     At each school, I drew a witchie hat. The color is always different - chosen by the kids - my own Andy Warhol tribute. I used to do the same thing with the cows I drew from Paco and the Giant Chile Plant.
     (I really need to follow my own advice and get my hair out of my face!)

     Lastly, I visited Heard Elementary School and their Media Specialist, Jessica Olliff. That was the largest group of all, and in a gymnasium to boot. So, as you can imagine, I was a little horse by the end of the day. Naaaay.

     Each group had some stars in them - budding artists and writers. They came up and asked me questions and gave me hugs. That's the best part of school visits.
     And of course you get the doozies - kids do say the darnedest things. Like the one who saw my bio photo at the end of LULA'S BREW and said, "That must have been when you were a lot younger!" Ouch. Or the girls who asked me how I did my demonstration drawings. Then, as they were walking away, one said to the other, "So the color didn't come out the end of her finger!" Gotta luv it.

     Many, many thanks to my kind hosts. What a great way to kick off a great weekend!!!
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Julie Hedlund said...

Looks like you had a great time!