How to Visit a French Bakery

When I was in college, I spent one summer as an exchange student in Paris. I went to La Sorbonne for French lessons with several students from around the world. We all had two things in common: we all spoke English (so, no practice), and we loved pastries.
     Many a morning we would decide to indulge (we were doing all that walking after all) and purchase a pastry. My weakness was the Religieuse. It was like a double stacked eclair in either chocolate or caramel with bavarian cream inside. Dang.
     One day, we all decided to indulge for breakfast. Then after school, I was feeling really bad (I must have had a poor translation day with the teacher, who we later learned did indeed speak English after all), so had another. I then returned home to the flat of my host family where Monique proudly announced, "Look what I bought for you today!"
     You guessed it - another Religieuse. Of course I ate it. But by then, I must admit, I was kind of over the experience. *burp*
     Ah, the memory!

Thanks to The Kid Should See This for the heads up!

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