Did you know that my hubbie and I lived in a log cabin in the North Georgia Mountains for several years when we first got married? Yup. Then we moved to the big city... But we still go back sometimes to visit friends and remember what it was like to live in those beautiful hills.
     Recently we visited with our dear friend Doris who just turned 85-years-old and is sharper than most people I know (including myself); and bluegrass/folk musician Lisa Jacobi of Playing on the Planet. Turns out, the Christmas Parade was going on that very day in downtown McCaysville/Copperhill (the site of my first attempt at a novel). So after lunch at the Mexican restaurant, we all enjoyed the parade - mountain style.
     See, in the mountains, floats get pulled by tractors. Real working tractors - with tinsel on 'em. People on the floats threw out candy to the bystanders, which we all squealed for.

Santa doesn't have reindeer - John Deer took Rudolph's place.

And to finish it off - people ride their horses down main street. I imagine the scene wasn't all that different 100 years ago.
Of course, after the horses went by, we didn't go for the candy anymore. Um...
     All said, what a special treat to just happen in on THE DAY when that small town shines! And even better to spend it with friends.

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