Today I have a very interesting book to share with you called THE GOON HOLLER GUIDEBOOK! Interesting because the creators - Parker Jacobs, Christian Jacobs, and Jon Barrett - are veterans of Nickelodeon, and they've taken their high content, highly engaging ways of thinking and put them into a BOOK! The fabulous book trailer (!!!) first caught my attention because I know I would have spent hours with a book like this as a kid.
     Co-creator Jon Barrett answered some questions about the project...

Q.     "Congratulations on the release of The Goon Holler Guidebook! This is not your traditional picture book with all the crazy things going on inside. There are jokes, mazes, comics, recipes, maps, and music lessons for a ukelele. (CLICK HERE to hear the songs.) It's a lot to put in one book - what made you think of it?
A.     Parker has always been an artist, and it was a natural fit to incorporate it into his parenting style. The stories that he started telling and illustrating for his girls are what became the present day Goon Holler.

Q.     Your history with Nickelodeon is obvious. The Goon Holler Guidebook feels highly interactive, almost like a cartoon. How did you get so much action to work in a static environment?
A.     I didn't want to tell just one A to B story. I wanted to establish a world; a setting with new characters to meet and a whole bunch of things to do. I wanted to create a place to linger for awhile, play around and then make a return visit.
For mazes...
and recipes (adult supervision required)...
and jokes...

Q.     There were several of you on this project - Parker Jacobs, Christian Jacobs, and you. Who did the artwork, writing, etc.? What was it like to collaborate on the project?
A.     Parker did all of the artwork and the majority of the writing, with a little bit of collaboration with Christian Jacobs and Amy Cook, the editor/publisher. Christian and Parker have collaborated on projects since they were kids. This carried over to their days with the Aquabats as a band and now television show, and with Yo Gabba Gabba as well. The balance between work and brotherly interaction always provides that adorable wackiness that we've seen on Yo Gabba Gabba and now Goon Holler.

Q.     I've never seen a picture book like this! Who is your ideal audience for this book?
A.     It's kids! We think the sweet spot is the 5-9 crowd, kids that are reading and discovering the world of pranks and fun.

Q.     You seem to be pushing the boundaries of new media with The Good Holler Guidebook. What's your overall vision for this and the future of books?
A.     We definitely want to take this to television or some equivalent media distribution platform, but decided to launch this as a book first to ensure that we preserve it's most important creative qualities. In a way, we've done the heavy lifting that comes with developing a property. We definitely see mobile apps, toys, additional book titles, games and many other Goon Holler products emerging in the near future. Kids are very proactive in adopting new technology, so instead of looking at it as traditional book distribution, which is a very static concept, we see this as being more interactive content delivery. We feel Goon Holler is a great candidate to pioneer the way kids interact with brands.

Must live in the continental US to win. The drawing will be held next Wednesday! (Review and giveaway copies provided by the publisher.)
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Geo Librarian said...

My students would love this book.

Danzel @Silver Shoes and Rabbit Holes said...

My five-year-old would LOVE this!!!

Jany said...

Oh!!!!! I really enjoy giving a good book as a gift, THE GOON HOLLER GUIDEBOOK! sounds very very interesting, I love interactive kids books, If I win I'll give it as a gift to my niece and nephew

Jayne Moraski said...

Merry Christmas. This book looks fun!

Lana said...

My grandchildren LOVE books and this would be a great addition to our collection!