I've sold my first novel!!!!

Little Pickle Press is tweeting it to the world - so I suppose I can officially share... I have sold my first mid-grade novel!!! I'm a novelist!!! Wooohooooooo!!!!!! It's scheduled to release in Spring 2014, so more information will follow soon! :)


Joanna said…
Yahoo! Congratulations, Elizabeth.
Rhonda Miller said…
Yahoo! Congrats.
illustrator said…
Elizabeth, you are an inspiration! BIG congrats to you, may you have the great success you deserve for being such a leader among children's book illustrators, and for your incredible dedication to your craft.

I know it's been a long time coming, enjoy it girlfriend... Bask in the glow for a while! Revising and promotions are right around the corner.

Happiness always, Lisa
laurasalas said…
Congratulations! That is such exciting news--way to go!
Sarah Campbell said…
Fabulous news! Congratulations!
Soooo excited for you, e!!! Woo-hoooooo!
Sarah Lamstein said…
Dorothy E said…
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! That is awesome news!!!! Good for you!
Here's some cyber cupcakes!!!! Yes, you are an inspiration! I can't wait to read your story!!! Congratulations, Elizabeth :)
judit said…
Fantastic news, congratulations!! hugs, judit x
Faith A said…
WONDERFUL WONDERFUL news, you must be flying high.

Do we have another JK Rowling in the making?

I'm excited for you, so can understand your feelings, no I can't I haven't sold a book, yes I can because you have featured a few of my cards!

Many congratulations, let the dollars flow in LOL.
Congratulations!!! I know you must be super excited. Can't wait to hear the details. ~jeni :)
deebi27 said…
What a celebration to have, yippee! I will get this book for my middle school teaching daughter!
Oh wow - thanks for all the love guys!! This means so much to me. And yummy cupcakes - thank you! *nom, nom, nom* :-D
Anna M. Lewis said…
Great news! You go, sista!

(Was cleaning out my emails and saw this!)
Thanks Anna! :) e

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