27 March 2013

Novel Writing: My new editor!

I'm going to start a new feature here at dulemba.com and share with you what I can about the process of working on my middle-grade novel with my new publisher - Little Pickle Press. (They'll all be tagged under "method.")
     We signed the contract Monday and I was instantly adopted into the Little Pickle family. They shouted about the sale on Twitter and Facebook. I did too, and followed up on my blog as well. I use twitterfeed.com to allow the RSS feed from my blog drop into both twitter and facebook (one stop posting for me!), so social media is already an integral part of my book's creation - as are YOU! Want to join me on this ride?
     Today (Wednesday) - I just got off the phone with my new editor, Tanya Egan Gibson, and I am SO EXCITED!!! She'll be sending me notes soon but wanted to go over some key points (and say 'hi'). From what she picked out, things I knew about, things I didn't, comparisons/foils she picked up on (some which weren't intentional - how smart am I?), and investments she was making as a reader (and where), I could tell straight away that Tanya is going to be a fantastic editor for my book.
     And that, m'dears, is like a BIG 'OLE CHRISTMAS PRESENT!!!!
     With her help, I can already tell my novel is going to kick up to a new level of clarity, engagement, and overall awesomeness! I can't WAIT to dive in!
     So why do writers need editors? Because we have so much of the story in our heads, we lose our objectivity. It becomes impossible to tell how much is on the page vs. in our head. Have we built the scene enough, is the character likable, do the jokes go over, is the conflict feeling real - ARE YOU, the reader, INVESTED IN THE STORY? These are the questions a good editor can answer and guide you in fixing where fixing needs to be had.
     It's like having a collaborator, a team, a cheerleader, a hairdresser, and a bartender rolled into one - dedicated to improving your dream and your vision. Can you blame me for being SO EXCITED??!!!!


Khadijah said...

It will be a wonderful journey for you, and Little Pickle Press is an AWESOME company to work with! Sounds like a perfect match.

Shanda McCloskey said...

I'm all ears!

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Thanks guys! I hope I can be somewhat illuminating for those soon to be on the same path! :) e

Jodi Carmichael said...

So excited for you. You'll love working with Team Pickle!

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

That sounds so exciting! Congratulations! I'm glad that you have a great editor. I've read books that are self-published and really wish that they had been edited. You've really clarified the reason why editors are needed. (And that's why you are a writer and I'm a reader.) :-)


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