Kickin' it up in Floyd, Virginia

With all the posts I've done about my adventures teaching at Hollins University this summer, I haven't covered them all just yet. So I'm sharing more, albeit belatedly.
     One of the high points of my summer was making the road trip to Floyd, Virginia. Floyd is a confluence of farmers, blue-grass musicians, and hippies. They've all come together to create a magical oasis of a town where every Friday night folks gather in and around the Floyd Country Store to kick up their heels clogging style and listen to some true mountain music.

People set up all along the sidewalks outside. And one of the best performances I saw was a band of children who simply had it going on in the Community Market pavilion.

     Yes, there are lots of tourists there, like we were. But it's also where the locals hang out. So while I was working up a sweat trying to fake some clogging moves in my rubber-soled sneakers, there were old folks around me making fancy moves in boots that I couldn't hope to duplicate (and they looked like they were hardly workin' at'all). It's a welcoming atmosphere for all who want to try, so ends up being SO MUCH FUN! This man was kind enough to pose for me in a shirt which sort of summed up the entire mood of the place - infectious!
     A whole gang of us met up for dinner and dancing, including Ashley Wolff and her hubbie Sabin who came in for the July 4th holiday. (My hubbie Stan came too although he didn't make it into any of these photos.) Here are Ashley and Sabin two-steppin:

     All said, you couldn't ask for a better time. I can't wait to go back next summer. In the meantime, I gotta get me some good boots...

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