Peachtree Publishers Preview Party

I was invited to the loveliest get-together Sunday. Margaret Quinlin, publisher at Peachtree Publishers invited librarians, teachers, creators, influencers, and me to her lovely home in Atlanta, where Peachtree editors, publicists and art directors showcased and talked about their new book releases for Spring 2015.

It was fascinating hearing the background behind the creation process and lovely to see everybody's passion for their work. I took some truly candid photos of the event (shared with Margaret's blessing). Here's Stephanie Fretwell-Hill talking about STANLEY THE FARMER and SPECTACULAR SPOTS by Susan Stockdale:

Tom Gonzalez gave a fascinating talk about his process for TOAD WEATHER:

Vicky Holifield talked about the latest book by Adrian Fogelin, SOME KIND OF MAGIC.

Also, Loraine Joyner (art director) talked about P. ZONKA LAYS AN EGG by Julie Paschkis, and Kathy Landwehr talked about RODEO RED, written by Maripat Perkins and illustrated by Caldecott Honor-winning Molly Idle (who has visited my blog a few times). All said, it was a fantastic glimpse into these great new books and the journey behind them.
Some of the original pieces form the books were showcased in Margaret's dining room:

It was so nice to be invited to this party as I have several friends at Peachtree. I couldn't help grabbing selfies with several of them. Like...
Kathy Lanwehr (editor), Me, and Christine, the former New York librarian and newest publicist has been doing a great job reaching out to help spread the word about this fresh crop of fantastic books.

Here I am with Loraine and Stephanie:

And me and Mia Manekofsky, Decatur children's librarian and awesome person.

Tom and me.

Thanks to Margaret, Christine and everybody at Peachtree. It was a great party and introduction to Peachtree's lovely new books as well as a fascinating glimpse into the tight team you have there. It's no wonder Peachtree has gained such a strong reputation for great books in the kid lit world.

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