Classic Love Poems

Happy Valentine's Day! has a free clip of Love Poems for you to relish in, read by velvet-voiced Richard Armitage (of The Hobbit). In the clip, he reads Sonnet 116, by William Shakespeare - can you say "butta"!? The full FREE recording includes 15 works by Shakespeare, Tennyson, Keats, Marlowe, Browning, Cummings, Emmerson, the list goes on! CLICK HERE to download your free luv mooshie gushie lovey words. What a wonderful way to say 'I love you' to your favorite someone!
     As Richard says,
“Narrating these classic love poems for Audible has been particularly gratifying for me as an actor,” said Armitage. “These are some of the most beautiful and most romantic verses ever written in the English language. I hope that those who are already admirers of these works enjoy my recitation, and that those discovering them for the first time through this production fall in love with the melodious and heartfelt poetry that makes Valentine’s Day and every day just a little bit more romantic.”

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