Friday Linky List - February 20, 2015

CLICK HERE to see the 2014 Cybils Award Winners!

From SLJ's fuse #8: Review of the Day - Winnie: The True Story of the Bear Who Inspired Winnie-the-Pooh, by Sally M. Walker

Also from SLJ: Tuck Turns 40 (Hard to believe - Tuck Everlasting is 40-years-old!)

At The Guardian (via PW): Waterstones children's book prize 2015 - shortlist announced

From The Guardian: New Harry Potter covers - in animated gifs See the process - cool!

From Discover More (via PW): Don't Read These Beloved Children's Books To Your Kids (language) - article is okay, but the opening image by Jim Cooke made me laugh out loud. Click the image to read the article:

From Writers Helping Writers (via Cynsations): 4 Research Hacks for Writing Thrillers

From the Atlantic: School Is About More Than Training Kids to Be Adults

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