Coloring Page Tuesday - Night Reader

     This week's coloring page idea was submitted by librarian Jenna who said:
     "I'm a librarian who is super-fan of your coloring pages. For YEARS you've always seemed to have the perfect page to go along with my storytimes. I'm planning ahead and striking out this time though. The theme is Fears (and defeating them). Most of the stories are about the dark. So suggestion for a future coloring page: animal or kid hiding under the covers reading perhaps?"
     Here you go Jenna!
     If you have coloring page requests, I'd love to hear them! (Remember I tend to draw just one or two characters in a simple scene or no scene for my free giveaways.) EMAIL ME!
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     I create my coloring pages for teachers, librarians, booksellers, and parents to enjoy for free with their children, but you can also purchase rights to an image for commercial use, please contact me. If you have questions about usage, please visit my Angel Policy page.

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