Friday Linky List - 20 November 2015

From StumblUpon: 13 Vital Reminders For Writers. (Ignore the last one.)

From SLJ's and Travis Jonker's 100 Scope Notes: Calde-Snacks - "So I decided to ask the 2015 Caldecott class to name their favorite snack. I heard back from most. Their answers were nothing short of enlightening."

From the Scottish Book Trust: They Whys and Hows of Creating a Reading Den

From SLJ & Travis Jonker's 100 Scope Notes: We Publish Caldecott Winners - interesting!!!

19 Amazing Caterpillar Transformations - click on the images to see what these caterpillars look like as butterflies. Which do you think is prettier? VERY cool!

From The Children's Book Academy Blogettes: "Staying Found when you Feel Lost" - Boy, can I relate to this one!

At Jonathan Bogart (via SCBWI British Isles): Exist Yesterday: French cartoonist Jean Ache, “Little Red Riding Hood” after seven different painters, from Pilote, 1974. Groovy!

From The Slate Book Review - A Conversation With Philip Pullman: The Golden Compass author on loneliness, Romanticism, the meaning of the "young adult" label, and why we all want daemons.

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