I am a STUDENT!!!

I was recently emailing with my Aunt and I kind of loved what I shared with her. I was exhausted at the time that I was writing and it caught the emotion of what I'm experiencing right now. For those of you who have asked for more about the experience of being here at school, I give you this...
Gads - I am a student! Stan thinks it’s so cute how I study with piles of books around me into the wee hours. I sit on the floor drawing sculptures at school. I try not to get ink or paint on my clothes by switching shoes and putting on grubbies in the studios. In other words, yes! I am a student! An overworked, way behind, frustrated, confused, working-my-butt-off STUDENT!!!! We had our mid-semester review about two weeks ago and it was a kick in the butt to experiment more, stretch myself more, push myself out of my comfort zone and basically get messy! It’s so much work, but OMG, I’m having FUN!!!

That said, in and around school, we’re going out to dinner with friends a good bit, still enjoying the heck out of this fabulous town. And we’re starting to hunker down for winter. The WIND is something here! Umbrellas don’t work when they’re inside out! I’m getting quite good at taking buses. But it’s still marvelous and the weather is mostly quite mild. The sun goes down at 4:30, but then the Christmas lights come on. This town is stunning!!! We really do love it here!
P.S. - Boris, a fellow MFA in Illustration is to my right. He's brilliant! Here we are discussing illustration with an Art Director from Italy.

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