Georgia Children's Book Award - Reading Bowl!

I recently received the nicest email from Deb Miller, one of the contributors to the blog Readers Unbound. She recounted one of the state-wide reading bowl quiz events that took place surrounding the Georgia Children's Book Award - for which my book, A Bird on Water Street was nominated. Her article is called "Georgia Children’s Book Award and The Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl." Deb gives a great recounting of the event and shares a lovely tribute to the reading bowl quiz's founder, Helen Ruffin.
     Every writer simply wants their book read, and children all across Georgia have been reading ABOWS along with the other 19 nominated titles to vote on their favorite as part of this challenge. When they told me ABOWS had been nominated to the very short, very prestigious list, I knew I'd already won, despite whichever title wins #1.
     I hope you'll CLICK HERE to go have a read. It's a wonderful article and put a big smile on my face! Thank you Deb!

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