Pomegranates and Color Palettes

I don't know if it's because I'm a student, or if there's just more color here in Edinburgh (they use colored lights in such strategic and beautiful ways here), but I have been hyper aware of awesome color palettes of late. One of the best ones has occurred around a restaurant on Leith Walk called Pomegranates.

Image from restaurant website.
The other day we ate at a restaurant across the street and I had a great view of the facade of Pomegranates. The paint on the exterior alone was enough to excite this artist's brain. But add to that the people walking by in various colored coats and sweaters (olive, scarlet, navy, pink, etc.) and it became a constantly changing feast for my eyes! I couldn't stop commenting on it.
     Stan just rolled his eyes. "You're such an artist."
     So, this weekend we went to Pomegranates for lunch. It is some amazingly delicious mediterranean food, so we will be back. But what really got me were the colors. The inside was even better than the outside!
I mean look at the chartreuse and scarlet, light purple, aubergine, turquoise, hot pink - GADS! And then, THEN, a woman walked in wearing a French's mustard yellow coat! My head nearly exploded!
She sat down at a table near us and proceeded to reveal a light chartreuse shirt. Even the wood trim took on an orange hue with the light shining on it. Between that, the table cloth and her coat, I just couldn't stand it!
I love color and I love how it moves me here - I am inspired constantly!


Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE those colours, it's always colours that attract me, these are just wonderful. Thank you for sharing them.

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

:) e