Edinburgh Salon Thanksgiving

Once again, our friend Connie hosted her Edinburgh Salon at our flat for Thanksgiving. (This is a dining club that moves around each month.) Being the Americans in the bunch, with the recipes for all the 'strange' Thanksgiving food, it seems only natural. But our flat is a bit hard to find. So, Amandine came over early to help blow up balloons as signage.
While Connie set out the champagne glasses for the opening toast.
Decorations were provided from Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman who visited over the weekend from New York - more on their trip soon!
Once again, our flat held a lovely group of people. "Where interesting people meet for great food" is the salon's motto after all! Here is our hostess Connie with Marta and Terry...
And some party-goers...

They waited patiently as Connie and Stan said a few words about the spread (although Amandine's expression relays how hard that must have been.

The victors of the fabulous spread...
And then the carnage began!
Our flat filled up beautifully with happy people eating green bean casserole, sweet potatoes with marshmallows (that's the most talked-about dish), cornbread stuffing, and TURKEY!

Best of all, Connie made a gluten-free pumpkin pie just for me! Awwww! It was YUMMY!
I hope your Thanksgiving is as lovely as ours. Stan and I wish you a very Happy Holiday!

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Melissa said...

What fun!!