Happy Birthday to Connie and Marta!

It's hard to believe we've been in Edinburgh long enough to be a part of annual traditions, but that's exactly what's happened! Our friends Connie and Marta celebrate their birthdays on the same day and Stan and I were lucky enough to be part of the festivities again this year. First we caught up with Connie at The Dome for her annual Birthday Bellini (after she had a lovely spa day).
The Dome is already beautifully decorated for Christmas so it was a festive kick-off to the evening. We then went to a Kurdish restaurant just off the Royal Mile for dinner. There we met up with Marta, Ash and Pedro.
On the way back down the mound, we were treated to an amazing fireworks display just under that caste. We joked it was for our friends' birthdays, but it turned out to be a celebration for Diwali. Crowds were stopped in clumps along the sidewalks to get a good view.

It was a beautiful evening, so we slowly meandered back to Stockbridge where a gorgeous cake awaited.
Connie and Marta made a wish and...
Magic things happen in Marta's dining room and it was so nice to be back there again. Time seems to stop when you're with good friends.
Happy birthday my lovelies and I hope we can help you celebrate many more!

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