November is Picture Book Month!

Picture Book Month is an international initiative encouraging grown-ups to read picture books with children. Founder, Dianne de Las Casas (author/storyteller), and Co-Founders, Wendy Martin, Katie Davis (author/illustrator), Elizabeth O. Dulemba (Me! author/illustrator), Joyce Wan (illustrator and logo creator), and Tara Lazar (author) are putting together their worldwide connections to make this happen. Why? Because...
"Picture books celebrate childhood. They speak universal truths and help children better understand the world around them. They are often a child’s first exposure to fine art and poetic language. Some picture books are so magical, they define childhood. They become a marker or a milestone in a child’s life." - Dianne de las Casas
     They should be celebrated!! Hence, the creation of Picture Book Month. Here's how we're celebrating. There will be...
     • A Picture Book Hero featured every day
     • A themed calendar (Created by Yours Truly using Coloring Page Tuesday images!) great for teachers, parents, and librarians
     • Picture Book Links and Resources
     • Links to picture book publishers
     • Links to picture book authors/illustrators
     • Links to picture book blogs/review sites
     • and Picture Book Activities
     I love being a part of Picture Book Month, because picture books help children fall in love with reading. Child readers become adult readers. Adults who read are better educated, more informed citizens. A love for reading can change our world!
     CLICK HERE (or the image below) to download this year's calendar! I hope all you librarians and teachers out there will use my COLORING PAGE TUESDAYS images with your students!

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