I'm With Her

I don't usually talk politics on my blog, but this one ties into art methodology too. So, I will share...

     In a recent demonstration in Edinburgh, I made a sign sharing my patriotic declaration that "I'm With Her" - as in Lady Liberty and the words she stands for. Here at the University of Edinburgh College of Art, one of the things I've learned is how much more powerful art can be when emotion is truly tied into the creative process. In this piece, I used paint leftover from a 1st semester project, on poster board that was laying around the illustration studio unused. The tape is for an upcoming project, and the dowel rod was from the art supply store. I created it quickly, blocking in the dark shadows and using pure blue in the areas that receive highlights on our dear Lady Liberty. The message is one I've felt for a long time, not just in this recent dispute. I don't like borders and I embrace the vibrancy people from different cultures add to my life. This is deeply emotional to me.
     The poster was a hit and got some remarkable press in Edinburgh and the UK. Here is the cover of the evening news. Classmate, Karin Eremia is to my left, and Lydia behind.

Here is The Scotsman. Click the image to go to the article on the news website (I don't know how long that will be archived).

Here is The Times - Scotland, forwarded from a friend.

Here is the BBC - click the image and scroll down for this one.

Again, the Edinburgh evening news - click the image to go to the article.

And here is Stan's facebook post.

Lots of people took photos of my poster and I've received a few requests to purchase it. So I have obliged... A portion of all Lady Liberty sales will go to the ACLU. The rest will help fund this art student's very expensive education. Purchase the image in my Society6 store (Click the banner below.) Society6 will ship items to the UK.

OR at Zazzle, which has simple posters and t-shirt options available in the US:

AND at ETSY where you can download the PDF to make your own sign:


Amandine said...

This is amazing on so many levels. Well done !! Bisous

Elizabeth O Dulemba said...

Thank you m'dear! Hugs, e