Yes, Sushi!

Just when you thought there was nothing new under the sun... I'd been meaning to try Yes, Sushi, but somehow hadn't made it there yet. I suppose the universe was waiting for our friend Connie to show us how it's done. This restaurant isn't that far from our flat here in Edinburgh.

Yes, Sushi is famous for their Steam Pots. Ever had one of these before? First, you order the mix of veggies, meats, and broths you'd like. Then you make dipping sauces at a do-it-yourself set-up. Then you gape as the feast arrives.

A steam pot is placed on a burner in the center of the table, with large compartments containing various broths like clear broth or special Japanese broth, etc. It's boiling hot and you place the items from your platter into the water to cook it. We ordered beef, crabs (shell and all), prawns, tofu, rice noodles, spinach and bok choy, chicken, and, and... Oh - and you order sushi rolls to go with it - as much as you want!

OMG - it was wonderful! But I am never eating again. This was not a feast for the timid, but it was so, so good!

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