Lovely Day in Porty

I actually had a ton of work to do over holiday break, but completed it on Friday. So Stan and I went to Portobello Beach to relax on Saturday. It was quite a mild winter day - so nice. We walked along the boardwalk...

And watched dogs joyously running and chasing and digging with complete abandon. (Although not in these pictures, they were everywhere!

I've shared Porty with you before, so I tried to look for new things to share, like this lovely sign which embraced the idea of Porty perfectly.

We had lunch at the Espy - our fave. Walked some more. Then ended up at the Dalriada again, where we were entertained by one of their regulars. He's really good.

I had hot chocolate and we enjoyed the coal-burning fire (that's what's in the buckets). We debated if the screen was to keep out the dogs or the children, or both. Since there was a wedding party going on next door, there were lots of kids running around with nearly as much abandon as the dogs. Although, I daresay the dogs were better behaved for the most part! :)

It was all good. Everybody was so relaxed and the pub was filled with the awesome sounds of happy life. People sang, because that's what they do here. There's nothing like Porty to knock your blood pressure down a few notches. And on the way out, I spotted another glove on a fence - a red gate this time.

I still record these and have an awesome and building collection. I may have to turn it into a social project this spring. Hm!
     At any rate, it was just what we needed! So, so nice.

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