Newcastle Upon Tyne with Child Lit Friends

Even if we weren't visiting Seven Stories, Newcastle Upon Tyne is a treat. The train ride down was fun as Yaxi and I drew the entire way (we're the two illustrators in the bunch), that is, when we weren't watching the beautiful view during the 1.5-hour train ride along the eastern coastline.
The Newcastle train station is gorgeous - a bit like being inside the belly of a giant, Victorian snake.
The bridges are the pride and joy of Newcastle and with good reason. The pedestrian bridge actually tilts to make room for ships going under. And the skyline is full of arches as a result of the city's architecture.
The town itself is very hip - a true party place filled with music. And while it wasn't quite sunny enough while we were there, it was easy to imagine this pop-up beach in full swing.
After our adventure at Seven Stories, we were hungry and found a great pizza place that handled our big group just beautifully.
I really must get back to Newcastle more often. I'm a fan!


Genetta said...

Thanks for posting about Newcastle Upon Tyne! I've wanted to visit there ever since our train ride skirted the edges of the city near the water. Even from a distance, it's absolutely beautiful. Maybe I'll meet you there some day!

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

You know I'd love it, Genetta!!! That one we could explore together! :) e