Random Things to See

I collect images of things that make me smile during my wandering around Scotland and the UK. There's really no unifying theme to them - just random happiness I can share with you. For instance, this sign board that sits out on North Bank Street - one of my paths up to the Royal Mile.
Or this drain smiling up at me in Middlesbrough.
Or this charming bookshelf in The Root of Magic (where you can buy all things Harry Potter) in Glasgow.
Stan and I have been awed by the cranes being used to rebuild John Lewis up the hill. They're so big, they look like they are right there in our view, when actually, they're quite a distance away. During dinner last night they kept disappearing and reappearing in the fog - really lovely.
Then there's the statue of King George on... George Street. It's one of the best examples of 'photoshopping' in history as he was actually quite portly and he was teased for the custom kilt he had made for his visit to Scotland, which was too short (the kilt, not the visit).
And just so you don't think we're always grey or foggy, we all take advantage of the gorgeous warm and sunny days, like I recently did in St Andrew Square during a walk home. This is the view down George Street.
Ahhhh - Scotland!

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