Connie's Birthday at The Dome

Our Good friend Connie B. recently celebrated a big birthday. As is her tradition, we met up at the cocktail lounge in The Dome on George Street to help her celebrate. George Street is one of the main avenues to enjoy twinkle lights in Edinburgh. Down at the west end you can just see the Virgin light castle - along with all the decorations along the street. Happy!
Connie's birthday ritual is a wonderful tradition as it has become the kick-off event for the holiday season, the first of the holiday parties. And The Dome is the most festive place to celebrate because they decorate like nowhere else. Sometimes they even blow snow!

Not only is Connie's birthday a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with our friends from the Edinburgh Salon (which Connie used to host around town), we all get dressed up, wearing our sparklies for the season. Connie, the birthday girl, is the second from the left.
People line up outside to have a peek inside the Dome at the fabulous decorations. But we actually have a seat and order fancy drinks to cheer in another good year for Connie. (The Dome makes the best cocktails!)
Because truly, you can't help but feel festive and ready for the holiday season after clinking to Connie's birthday and lots of good cheer at The Dome! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CONNIE!

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