Hanging the Crow Show!

I am honored to be sharing my original artwork from Crow Not Crow, written by Jane Yolen and Adam Stemple, at the University of Glasgow right now. Several people had a hand in making the show happen: the Art and Design Technician in the School of Education, Mona Rahman; my supervisor, Maureen Farrell; and fellow PhD Researcher Yaxi (Sissi) Wang who helped hang the show alongside me and Mona.
The system is very cool. Picture rail runs high along the wall, and metal rods hang down from the rail. Tension clips slide up the rods and act as hanging mechanisms, making the hanging of a show easy peasy.
From there, it's just a matter of spacing everything evenly.
The pieces weren't framed or mounted, so we placed a strip of stiff cardboard behind the top of each piece to make them hang straight, it ended up resembling how the work looked hanging in my studio and worked great. For the show, I am sharing originals and sketches, an early dummy, and some storyboard drawings.

The whole thing went up in about two hours, ready for my opening talk on Friday - more on that soon!
     The show will be up for three weeks in the St Andrews Building on the 5th floor through November 23rd. If you happen to be in Glasgow, I'll hope you'll stop by to see it!
     Meanwhile, here's a big fuzzy THANK YOU to Mona, Maureen, and Sissi!

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