IAIA Gallery Show!

I'm thrilled to have been invited as a founding member of the newly formed International Association of Illustration Academics, the IAIA. To celebrate our launch into the world, we put together a gallery show... a virtual gallery show, framed around the importance of speculative research in all fields, including illustration. The show was put together by professors at the University of Newcastle Australia.
It's a hog of a program to run (works best in Chrome), but it's worth your time to experience a very cool show in this innovative new way.
There are two halls, one based on Practice-based work, and the other based on Speculative and Practice-led Research. A quick cover page shows you how everything works.
Keyboard buttons help you navigate through the spaces. It really does look like a real gallery space...
with a few differences. For intstance, you can look at artwork like you do in a gallery. Here is work by Ellen Weinstein.
When you zoom closer, the artist's name pops up and you can click on it to read more information about the artist and the work.
Some panels appear black at first glance, but when you zoom in closely on those, they are videos.
Of course, being a virtual show opens up a world of possibilities. This shiny, glowing orb (on the right) is representative of an atom. On the far wall are pieces by my dear friend M.J. Begin's picture book, Ping Meets Pang.
One over, I shared my protest poster turned children's book, My First Protest.
These are just a few peeks at the amazing and important works in the show—
There is so much more! CLICK HERE to experience your own "walk through" of this incredible show!

P.S. Some of the illustrators participated in a virtual discussion for the launch. Check it out on Youtube at: https://youtu.be/PhC1SN46kDU .

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