Laurie Halse Anderson at Decatur Library

     Laurie Halse Anderson dropped by the Decatur Library the other day to promote her new novel, Wintergirls. (Here we are: Laurie, Me, and the Thumb!) Considering Laurie is the author of such classics as Speak and Twisted I'm looking forward to reading Wintergirls. But it's a heavy topic - anorexia and cutting. Laurie has never been one to back away from a daunting subject. As she says, "I was never afraid to point to the elephant in the room."
     It was nice seeing Laurie again. She taught the writing thread during my first visit to Kindling Words and I've since had the pleasure to hang out with her on other occasions. She's incredibly warm and funny, and obviously brilliant.
     Her tour continues for a few more days and she may end up in your neighborhood as she hops around. I highly recommend you go give her a listen if you have the chance!

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