Magic Bookcase

Do your books do this when you're not looking? I think they do... Magic!

Thanks to SwissMiss for the heads up!


I love this! So dang true. However, my bookcase do this little dance in a MUCH less elegant and rhythmic way!
nutschell said…
What a cool video! I think my bookcase is on strike. It simply refuses to organize itself.
Joan V said…
That was cute. I wish I had more bookcases. A lot of my books are in boxes. :( Have a great day..
Deebi27 said…
I know this happens in my classroom, by those who don't love children's books as I do. Who cares how the books are put away....out of order, upside down, spine in first, pages bent or torn...who cares???

PS I have tons of children's book in about 8 storage boxes...GOSH I wish I could get to them more easily! My classroom would love htem as I do...even though they are the culprits who don't card how to put books away!
Teresa said…
Cute! Thank you for posting.

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