Miss your Borders? Rediscover your Indies!

Edward Champion has made a list of nearby independent booksellers for every Borders that's going out of business in America. It's never good news when a bookstore closes - any bookstore - so let's treasure the ones we still have. Go visit List of Independent Alternatives to Closed Borders Bookstores and find your local indies!
Thanks to Jo Knowles for the link!


Robyn Hood Black said...

Great idea! Thanks for sharing.

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Indeed! :) e

Anna DeStefano said...

It's fitting, isn't it.

The chain stores were the first to drive Indies out of business (five years ago, there was something like 4k+ indie stores nationally, now were down to less than 500, last count I saw).

Then the discount stores have drove the chain bookstores into financial ruin.

Now eBook sellers are squeezing out the book sections of the discount stores, until they're half what they were even a year ago.

Book buyers, support the booksellers and librarians that bring you the books you love! And by all means, support the authors who've kept writing for you thruogh all this crazy change ;o)

Take back your reading futures!

Anna DeStefano said...

And many apologies for the above typos. THIS author was up all night working on a new series proposal and clearly doesn't have enough brain cells left (or enough Diet Coke in the house) to be trusted leaving a blog comment ;o)

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Well said Anna! (Even with the typos.)