Making Books is fun! (to watch)

Here is a very interesting old video of how books used to be made. Wow, what a painstaking process! But it explains where a lot of the terms come that may not seem so obvious today. It's a little slow, but truly fascinating:

Thanks to Patrick Girouard for the link!


SparkleFarkel said...

This is so cool! I would simply love to have this man's job! When I first moved away from home, my apartment was situated right next door to a small book bindery. (So close were the two buildings, that I could have reached into their window from my kitchen, if I'd wanted to!) Each morning, instead of reading the newspaper or the back of the cereal box as I ate my breakfast, I watched the little book elves at work! A fascinating way to start my day, indeedy!

Luv, SparkleFarkle~~~~~*

Joanna McDonald said...

That film was fascinating!! Thank
goodness thats' a thing of the
past! I keep reading that in not
too many years books will become
obsolete, with the "nook", kindle,
etc. I hope it doesn't happen in
my lifetime - I want to hold a book, underline, write in, look
at, see it on the shelf.etc.!!!!!!
I could NEVER have too many books!

Elizabeth O Dulemba said...

SparkleFarkle - I imagine that was mesmerizing! And relaxing...

What amazed me were all the opportunities for error - pages to be turned wrong, thrown out of order. And yet all the workers seemed quite confident in what they were doing. Truly an amazing process.