Coloring Page Tuesday - Olympic Swimmer!

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     Let the games begin! The Summer Olympics kick off this Friday and since I'm a swimmer, I thought I'd celebrate the sport I'll be watching most closely with a swimming bear. Not sure our fuzzy guy is very hydrodynamic, but I'm sure he'll give it his best shot.
     Look for more Olympic images in the coming weeks. And thanks to Caroline for the great idea - OF COURSE I need Olympic-themed coloring pages. Gah!
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     Since I'm all about Jack Tales this week, how about checking out my bilingual versions? (Click the covers to visit my BOOKS page and the individual titles.)


Sorry, the link to your Olympic bear doesn't work! :(
ACK! I had the link wrong - it's been fixed and should work now. Thanks for letting me know Cindy! :) e
Ardilla said…
So cool... thank you so much!
Suze said…
Thank you very much for the swimmer. My son is a swimmer and I know there are very few swimmer images around. Hugs, Suze
Thank you for the cute Olympic swimming bear!!!
Elizabeth, I just wanted to check in and let you know how much I appreciate all the coloring pages! Such great images! Thsnks so much for sharing them!
Thank you for all the nice comments everybody!! Truly - sometimes I feel like I'm sending my images out into the void, so your thanks are SOOOO appreciated! :)
Amy said…
My kids love swimming, and we spend a lot of our summer free time at the pool. This is a great image, and thank you for sharing!
Borqna said…
Thank you for the cute Olympic swimming bear!
Hugs. Borqna

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