Coloring Page Tuesday - EARTH DAY and Happy Birthday CPT!

     COLORING PAGE TUESDAYS is almost 5-years-old AND...
EARTH DAY is coming APRIL 22nd!!!

     Want to help celebrate?
     I'm going to do birthday images from now through May 11th (like this Happy Birthday Planet Earth image) and I'd LOVE for you to do something fun with them and post them to MY GALLERY (you'll need to post them to your blog first so you have a URL to share, or just send me an email at elizabeth at dulemba dot com). Artwork from kids and their adults is welcome! Or just leave comments on my blog to share how you've used my coloring pages and what they've meant to you. Now's the time to spread some love!
     CLICK HERE for even more birthday images to get you started.
     And CLICK HERE for more Earth Day images!
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