No more coloring pages

As I approach the five-year anniversary of creating my free coloring pages for Coloring Page Tuesday, I have an announcement to make. May 5th will mark the last new coloring page I will make available at It's been a good run - a popular run - that garners my website over a million hits annually. But I think it's time to take a break - a permanent one. So, the collection as it stands now is it. Thanks for all your sweet notes over the years - it's been a pleasure to bring you smiles.


APRIL FOOLS!!!! No way would I stop. All your kind notes, the creations you post in my gallery, the schools and libraries who send me warm fuzzies - I can't imagine ever giving up creating coloring pages for you!!! In this tough biz of children's books, sometimes its my coloring pages that keep me going. I can't tell you all how much your appreciation for them means to me!


Lucia13 said...

I really believed it at first and it made me sad,I love all of your Tuesday coloring pages!!!

Enjoy Teaching English

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

Oh! NOooooooooooooooo you can't!!!!

Then I carried on reading, Oh! you little minx, didn't even think of April Fools day LOL.

Still shaking though with the idea we could lose your artistry, whew! thank goodness we are not. :)