Sidewalk Chalk Art - Round 2!

Saturday I did my second stint as the Sidewalk Chalk Artist for the city of Decatur's Sidewalk Saturdays program. This time there were Flamenco dancers, musicians, and a giant Chinese dragon scattered around town. I was between Mingei World Arts, The Seen Gallery and the Yogurt Tap.
     Like last time, I quickly drew some ears for people to pose with in pictures.

     In addition to these there was an alien helmet and a crown... worn by Dylan.

     Then I started in on my "fine art piece" - ha! (I never really get to finish these - the kids show up and then it gets crazy.)

     Sometimes I draw things for the kids to color in... Like Poseidon's Trident and Zeus' lightning bolt for two Rick Riordan fans:

     And this zombie monster for a six-year-old boy. I have no idea why he was so into zombies, but I think this was my fave:

     And sometimes they branch out on their own and get creative.
      Even the grown-ups get into it. One of the managers of The Seen Gallery couldn't resist drawing a rose (even though she was trying to prepare for an opening that evening). You can also see the dragon in this photo.

     The dragon had it out with a laser blaster.

     The laser blaster was art directed by Dylan, the same boy in the crown. Love it!

     Once again, I had a gaggle of kids getting into the coloring with me and we had a FANTASTIC time! Who knew? A box of cheap pastels (okay, five) and a sidewalk. Wowsa.
     Parents, if you have photos of your kids joining in - please email them to me at elizabeth at dulemba dot com and I'll add them to this post!


Rhonda Miller said...

Wow, that looks like fun. Those drawings are amazing.

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting this. It's great! That zombie would look great on a tee shirt.