Friday Linky List - June 13, 2014

At Nerve: A Young Adult Author's Fantastic Crusade to Defend Literature's Most Maligned Genre

At - an interview with S&S Associate Art Director Lauren Rille

At the Nerdy Book Club: Pushing Through Writing Failure with the Help of a Lost Horse by Heather Mackey

From Epic Reads - Videos - How To Be A Princess? Cute!

From School Library Journal - Climbing the Shelves | Library By Design - cool!!!

At PW - R.J. Palacio Fulfills Michigan Girl's Make-A-Wish Dream - wow. So very awesome.

And I'm not going to link to the flood of articles over the Slate article (no link) against YA being read by adults. I not only proudly read YA, I read MG and PBs and everything in between. Because I don't see what's so great about adult stuff anyhow. Adults are idiots (me included). They should know better but still screw things up. At least in kidslit, the kids don't know better yet. They're still forming and therefore represent and have HOPE. Also, I'm a tender soul and I don't need to read/watch porn or extreme violence to feel grown-up. My genres are plenty complicated with nuances of life on all levels. And yes, the books I read tend to have happy endings. In a world that oftentimes doesn't - I'm good with that.

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