Friday Linky List, June 8, 2014

From PW - BEA 2014: New Opportunities for Agents and Authors in Today's Publishing

Also from PW via Kickstarter Campaign To Revive "Reading Rainbow" Hits $2M on Day 2 (with LeVar's reaction on video!)

An interesting perspective on the publishing biz right now: Hugh Howey - "Winning at Monopoly."

And via PW from AP: "John Green Criticizes Amazon in Book Dispute." I found one line especially interesting: "The Seattle-based company issued a statement last week saying that the standoff was unlikely to be resolved soon and suggesting that customers searching for Hachette works try Amazon's competitors." What business does that?

Just the facts from the CCBC (Cooperative Children's Book Center): Children's Books by and about People of Color Published in the United States.

From PW: The newly merged Penguin Random House has unveiled their official new logo and all I can say is Yawwwwnnnnn. What a missed opportunity!

From PW: BEA 2014: Booksellers and Illustrators Connect During Studio Crawl

Colbert Gives Amazon The Finger, And Collects Pre-Orders for a Hachette Author (via Sherman Alexie)

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