Friday Linky List - June 19, 2015

From The Guardian (via my awesome agent): Library cards around the world - in pictures

From 100 Scope Notes: At The Slate Book Review: Why So Poky? The scourge of terrible canonical children's books

From The New York Times: Transgender Children's Books Fill a Void and Break a Taboo

From the Directory of Illustration: Christina Tugeau on the Importance of Character Development

At Mondays with Mandy or Mira, Mira Reisberg talks about A Lesson in the Pleasures of Plot - great advice

At Salon (via PW): Write an essay, get... a goat farm? The bizarre new literary economy that's matching real estate with gifted writers

From the BBC (via PW): The dark side of nursery rhymes

From BuzzFeed (Via my awesome new Southeast Scotland SCBWI group): If Jane Austen Got Feedback From Some Guy In A Writing Workshop

From The Guardian (via PW): RJ Palacio: what is kindness?

From Writer's Digest: Top 10 (Normal) Struggles When Writing a Novel

From HuffPost (via PW): Musicians Have Taylor Swift. Who's Championing Fairness for Writers?

From The Independent: Why this is a golden age for children's literature: 'Children's books are on of the most important forms of writing we have


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