The journey so far...

Last Tuesday (the 26th) began like this:

And ended with us moving into faculty housing at Hollins University in Roanoke, Virginia. I'll be teaching Picture Book Design in the MFA in Children's Book Writing and Illustrating and Certificate in Children's Book Illustration programs during summer term, which begins in a few weeks. Meanwhile, folks in Atlanta are handling the house for sale, and the estate sale... we literally walked away from a full house. SUCH a strange experience, but also strangely liberating.
     We already shipped a small load of items to Edinburgh. We'll see it all again sometime in August, after it travels by ship. We'll travel by plane and meet up with it in whichever apartment we secure. (We know the street we'll be living on, although not the specific flat as yet.) This move to Scotland has all been very interesting so far. We're on a path not many have paved before us. I'm not sure you could relate the layers of emotions without going through it yourself.
     At any rate, we are happily settled for the time being - the first section of our spaceship has been dislodged (an awesome analogy offered by our friend Mark Braught), and we have fun adventures for the next two months before we dislodge the next section. I'll let you know how it goes!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like an amazing adventure! Best of luck. Jess A