My Office This Summer

This is the first year teaching at Hollins University that I'm in a real office. Usually we set up a station in or near our classrooms on the 3rd floor in the Visual Arts Building (the VAC). (HERE was last year's office.)
     This year, Ruth Sanderson and I will be sharing an office on the 2nd floor with a locking door and everything! I wasn't sure I was going to like being away from my students and the hubbub of the classrooms, but since Stan and I arrived on campus about a month early, I've been able to settle in and really enjoy this space. It's so quiet in here and I absolutely LOVE having a cork board wall (on the right) to pin up my works in progress!!! I've dubbed the space my "focus module" and I have gotten a TON of work done in here.
     It will be interesting when Ruth gets here. We teach on opposite days, so there won't be much overlap on office use. I bet she finds it just as quiet and comfortable as I do!

Photo ©Stan Dulemba, used with permission.


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