Graffiti at Hollins

During the summer term MFA in Children's Book Writing and Illustrating program, Hollins University is co-ed. However, during the rest of the year, the undergraduate studies are for girls only - for some very smart girls.
     There are two tunnels I've discovered on campus. One I use almost daily to get from my apartment to campus underneath Lee Highway. It's where the swallows nest and the creek cuts through. The other is a tunnel which runs underneath Highway 81 to the Tinker Creek Greenway-Hollins Trailhead. Stan and I hiked it recently and were tickled to discover something unique about Hollins and both of these tunnels... The graffiti here is not your normal graffiti. In fact, it's downright inspired. Here are some examples:

They're even in other languages:

And while this last one isn't especially profound, it does speak to the age of the students here. I liked it!

Photos ©Stan Dulemba, used with permission.

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