Christmas Decorations in Edinburgh

One of the best things about where we live here in Edinburgh is my walk to and from Uni. It's 1.6 miles and it goes through the heart of some of the best twinkle light displays in the city. Here's my path. I go around the castle, which has colored lights shining on it. Yesterday was blue, today was red. I go north on Lothian, cut across Princes Street, then hook a right on George Street. Which is where I encounter this.
It's a giant arch construction covered in lights choreographed to choral Christmas music and it is the main tourist draw this holiday season. It's so fun to navigate through the happy crowd on the way home.
     I then walk down the length of George Street where I see things like this.

and this
     The Dome is always spectacular. Sometimes they even pump fake snow onto the sidewalk!
     At the east end of George Street is St. Andrews Square (our square). They set up a skating rink around the monument and shine a light show onto the column, making it snow, saying "Merry Christmas (shown here), and then turning into a candle.
     I walk around the skating rink, listen to carolers, and watch little kids use penguin-shaped supports as they learn to skate.
     On the other side of the park is Harvey Nichols and Multrees Walk. HN always does crazy window displays.
     Then I cut left and go downhill, enjoying the view of the Kingdom of Fife in the distance, to finally get home. There's no better way to get into the spirit of the season!

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