Hogmany and Happy New Year!

This is my last post for 2016. It was a year full of both amazing highs and devastating lows for all of us, I know. I'm rather glad to see it over as I look forward to a bright and shiny 2017—a clean slate to try again. Meanwhile, I think Stan and I did a pretty good job saying goodbye to 2016. We've already begun a tradition. Last year we stumbled across a Chinese restaurant with a great view over Princes Street and the Hogmany torch parade. It was the perfect way to experience it, so we went back again this year.

As we eat, we keep an eye on the far end of Princes Street for the parade of torches (which begins up on the Royal Mile). I can hear the bagpipes - here it comes!

Right by our restaurant!

Our view was perfect!

It lasts for quite a while, so after we enjoy our Chinese feast, we move down into the fray. Here is the parade in front of the Balmoral Hotel.

The wind was whipping, so we darted around a corner back towards St. Andrews Square (our square). I've been so busy I hadn't yet enjoyed a hot toddy at the pop-up skating rink pub.

We decided to do something about that!

I ended up with a hot chocolate with a shot of Bailey's - very nice. And what a lovely place to hang out.

It was just enough. Afterwards, we headed back to our flat knowing full well that one of the best places to watch the fireworks on Calton Hill is right out our very own window.

So, goodbye to 2016 and welcome 2017! I wish us all buckets-full of happiness and easily achieved goals followed by validating successes!


Unknown said...

Happy Hogmany and may you have love, health, and prosperity in the New Year.

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

To you and Jim as well, Lynne! Hugs, hugs, hugs, :) e

Melissa said...

Happy New Year!